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As a Reward Mobile customer, you have access to voicemail. If you are unavailable (your mobile phone is switched off, out of network range, or busy) your callers will be diverted to voicemail, and invited to leave a message for you.

Whenever you have received a voicemail message, the voicemail system will send a text message (SMS) to your mobile phone advising you of the number of new voicemail messages you have received. You can dial 121 at any time to access your voicemail service and to listen to your messages.

Reward Mobile Voicemail FAQ:

How do I setup my Voicemail?
1. Dial 121;
2. You will be asked to choose a personal security code (please make sure it is not a sequential number like 1234, or a repeated number like 9999);
3. Record your name, to be used in the standard greeting that callers to your voicemail will hear;
4. Record a personal greeting;
5. Select your time zone (eg. NSW or QLD).
If you have not set up voicemail, you will be prompted to do so the first time you use it.

How do I set up a Personal Greeting?
Don’t you hate it when someone calls you but doesn’t leave a message? Your callers are much more likely to leave you a message if they hear your voice. If you have not already done so, personalise your voicemail greeting by following these steps:
1. Dial 121;
2. Press the ‘*’ (star) key to go to the main menu;
3. Press 3 to change your personal preferences;
4. Press 1 to change your greeting, and then follow the prompts.

How do I listen to my messages?
There are two ways of accessing your voicemail messages:
Ring Alert: Your voicemail service will call you when you have new messages, and automatically play them to you. Dial 1219 to set your voicemail to Ring Alert.
SMS Alert: Your voicemail service will alert you to new messages with an SMS alert. When convenient, you can dial 121 to listen to your new voicemail messages. Dial 1218 to set your voicemail to SMS Alert.
When you first connect to Reward Mobile, your voicemail will be set to SMS Alert. While listening to messages you can skip to the next message by pressing the ‘#’ key. You can also save messages by pressing 2, or delete them by pressing 3.

How do I retrieve my messages from another phone?
If you are unable to access voicemail from your mobile phone, you can use any other fixed or mobile phone to access your messages.
Dial 0414 121 121 in Australia (or +61 414 121 121 if you are overseas) and follow the prompts.
Make sure you have your personal security code handy.

What does it cost to use voicemail?
You won’t be charged a thing when somebody leaves a message and you are only charged the standard call rate when you dial 121 to check your messages, or if you set up the Ring Alert option, when the voicemail message is delivered to you.
Quick Tips:
– Dial 0 to use call return rather than having to dial the caller’s return number.
– To skip to the next message press the ‘#’ key.
– To get to the main menu press the ‘*’ key.