Understanding Mobile Data

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We understand that the mobile phone industry has a lot of technological jargon that may be confusing for customers. Reward Mobile is all about offering simplicity and value.  So to help make things clearer for you, we have provided the information below which explains more about mobile data in a way that is simpler and easier to understand. This is only intended as a guide for how much data allowance you might need, and the approximate amounts involved with certain online activities.

What can I access?

  • Email (via your mobile Outlook client)
  • Webmail (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc)
  • Instant Messaging (MSN, Skype, etc)
  • Search (Google, etc)
  • Browse the web
  • Street Directions (Google Maps)
  • Assisted GPS
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Videos (YouTube)
  • Download apps and games

What does my Data Allowance get me?
These are approximate figures only.

  Data allowance   Emails Without Attachments   Webpage Visits   Video (Minutes)   Music Tracks
  120MB   120 emails   360 visits   40 mins   10
  1GB   1000 emails   3000 visits   350 mins   85
  2GB   2000 emails   6000 visits   700 mins   170
  3GB   3000 emails   9000 visits   1000 mins   250
  5GB   5000 emails  15000 visits   1700 mins   420

What do I need?

  • A GPRS, 3G or 4G capable phone (most phones supplied within the last 2 years will have this).
  • A phone with a mobile Internet browser installed (most phones will have this installed) – please refer to your phone manual or manufactures website for details on how to access and use the browser.
  • The correct settings in your phone to access the Internet.
  • If you cannot access the Internet on your phone you can call us to get the correct settings.

Learn more about the 4G network and 4G data here.

To get the correct settings, please Call Customer Care on 1300 305 305 and we will send the settings straight to your phone via SMS.

* All these usages are only indicative and each user experience will vary subject to the content you view, and the frequency you view it.